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Red Bull - Middle East Antonis Constantinidis Regional Marketing ManagerOur sincere gratitude for your support, cooperation and excellent service. We appreciate your assistance and hard work in ensuring that all goals are achieved with high quality and in a timely manner. We are proud to have such dedicated partners like Contactopia.

Philips Electronics Middle East Jack Detiger Senior Manager Customer CareNot only has the staff of Contactopia performed perfectly in line with our expectations, they have helped us define our expectations at a higher level, and they are supporting us very well in achieving that level. We have found their support to our business well managed and professional.

Unilever Gulf Ahmed Maklad Quality Assurance ManagerI am delighted to acknowledge your relentless effort in ensuring that we have a wonderful partnership for the past 7 years while you assist us in our Careline operations. I anticipate that our partnership will last much longer and we continue to bind as one in our goal to satisfy our customers beyond their needs.

British Council, Dubai Venita Cordeiro Customer Services ManagerWe are fortunate to have a helpful, hardworking and professional team handling our calling customers. Service rendered to us by Contactopia is professional and of high quality as reflected in the Mystery Shopping exercises we conduct.

CompTIA Middle East Rudolf Tegelaar Regional DirectorPressed for time and not enough manpower to get the job done made us decide to use a contact center. The enthusiasm and commitment made us decide to go with Contactopia. No regrets or better a wise decision. They got the job done in time and provided quality beyond expectations, this in combination with excellent reporting of results. Why do it yourself if quality is just a phone call away.

VLCC International Prafull Dwivedi Business HeadThe team at Contactopia understood our requirements very well and were able to relate with VLCC's values and philosophy. Impressed with the professionalism that runs through Contactopia, which makes it stand apart from any competition in the region, we recognize and value the commitment of the entire team.

Nayomi - Middle East Sharon Divan Marketing ManagerWhile scouting for a call center partner we found Contactopia to be the most proactive and consistent in the approach, even during the initial briefing phase. They have been very thorough in their processes and application developments. Extremely resourceful in troubleshooting, Contactopia has a keen eye for detail, keeping in mind the bigger picture all the time! It has been a great working association and I wish them all the best.